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2023-08-30 18:07Short post I wrote because I'm madEamon Caddigan1+34-0
2023-08-02 01:10Short post with an Anaconda tipEamon Caddigan1+57-0
2023-08-23 20:03Bumped KaTeX version and added its fontsEamon Caddigan64+8-10
2023-08-23 18:21Serving katex locally instead of using CDNEamon Caddigan4+8-3
2023-08-23 17:55Using CSS to style external links in articlesEamon Caddigan2+4-0
2023-08-22 16:27Added a 'Design' tagEamon Caddigan2+3-0
2023-08-22 16:02Fixed a mistake in my analysisEamon Caddigan12+105-49
2023-08-22 04:17First look at viewport dataEamon Caddigan5+151-0
2023-08-17 23:48Updated a linkEamon Caddigan1+9-8
2023-08-16 19:08Updating publicationsEamon Caddigan9+22-12
2023-08-15 02:51Minor updatesEamon Caddigan2+4-3
2023-08-08 03:20Disallowing GPTBot from crawling/indexing the siteEamon Caddigan1+2-0
2023-08-08 02:47Updating theme submoduleEamon Caddigan0+0-0
2023-08-02 03:31Simple post about week numbersEamon Caddigan1+71-0
2023-07-31 04:09Updating the repository READMEEamon Caddigan1+9-12
2023-07-30 02:59New postEamon Caddigan1+102-0
2023-07-25 21:47Finally deleting example postsEamon Caddigan2+0-24
2023-07-23 22:37Local theme and configuration changesEamon Caddigan9+106-9
2023-07-25 03:44Redirecting posts to new locationsEamon Caddigan1+31-0
2023-07-20 03:05Copied existing posts and assets to new siteEamon Caddigan74+15214-0
2023-07-21 04:39Support for and demonstration of "update times"Eamon Caddigan3+11-7
2023-06-12 01:41quick docs updateCJ1+12-2
2023-05-21 18:24Merge pull request #2 from rluetzner/mainCJ1+2-2
2023-05-19 18:14Add 'navbar_style' to params.ymlRobert Lützner1+2-2
2023-05-19 18:10Update theme submodule to latest state on mainRobert Lützner0+0-0
2023-02-23 20:06move to latest readable theme commit on maincjtheham0+0-0
2023-02-23 20:05readable theme updates with formattingcjtheham2+15-0
2023-02-22 19:05add favicon examplecjtheham1+0-0
2023-01-30 19:34readmecjtheham2+7-0
2023-01-30 19:33initial commitcjtheham7+46-0