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Author: Eamon Caddigan <eamon.caddigan@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue, 19 Dec 2023 22:09:48 -0800

December Adventure, day 19

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diff --git a/content/december-adventure/2023-19/index.md b/content/december-adventure/2023-19/index.md @@ -0,0 +1,12 @@ +--- +title: "2023, Day 19" +date: 2023-12-19T22:07:16-08:00 +draft: false +--- + +Yesterday I was having fun but today I feel like I hit a wall (probably due to +life circumstances that have nothing to do with coding). I reached out for more +help/info and will work on another part of this project until I either hear +back or have taken a couple days break from this. + +At least I know what the ADSR values are now.