NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
advent_of_code_2021My attempts to work through the 2021 Advent of Code problems. Eamon Caddigan2022-01-05 13:55
advent_of_code_2022My (attempted) solutions to the 2022 Advent of Code Eamon Caddigan2022-12-20 04:12
antivax-attitudesReanalyses of data from Horne, Powell, Hummel & Holyoak (2015) Eamon Caddigan2015-09-18 22:37
blogpostsCode used to generate some blog posts. Eamon Caddigan2022-07-13 20:53
color_dissimilarityMeasure the similarity of colors in a palette, and choose dissimilar colors from them. Eamon Caddigan2021-09-08 11:06
december_adventure_2023December Adventure (2023) Eamon Caddigan2023-12-31 23:03
flightconflictsTools to analyze conflicts between aircraft. Eamon Caddigan2016-09-16 19:50
flightpathrTools to analyze aircraft and flight path data. Eamon Caddigan2016-11-02 16:44
GenderGuesserAn R package for using the API to guess the gender of names. Eamon Caddigan2015-08-12 02:16
hugo-starter-readableFork of Eamon Caddigan2023-07-21 04:39
hugo-theme-readableFork of Eamon Caddigan2023-07-28 01:47
moma-collectionThe Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collection data. Museum of Modern Art2016-02-15 02:39
patternapplyIteratively try patterns against a character vector. Eamon Caddigan2016-04-19 15:51
police-violenceA look at the data from Mapping Police Violence. Eamon Caddigan2016-01-23 18:00
small_thingsA repo to stash small (single file) coding solutions. Eamon Caddigan2022-05-16 23:58
uxnVarvara Ordinator, written in ANSI C(SDL2) Hundredrabbits2024-03-10 17:54
www.eamoncaddigan.netContent and configuration for Eamon Caddigan2024-05-24 03:46