The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collection data.
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2016-02-15 02:39Working on a big rewrite.eamoncaddigan1+234-74
2016-01-31 18:54Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'eamoncaddigan3+2035648-15798
2015-12-21 20:34Automatic monthly update.john-halderman3+2035644-15793
2015-12-18 16:50Update README.mdmomadm1+2-0
2015-12-15 21:47Update README.mdmomadm1+1-1
2015-12-15 21:46Update README.mdmomadm1+3-1
2015-08-13 20:08Update README.mdmomadm1+1-1
2015-08-04 02:49I'm a map!eamoncaddigan1+95-0
2015-08-03 01:29ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 to ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes. Took a minute but I was able to put it together. Sad that it wasn't easier to just find online.eamoncaddigan1+356-0
2015-07-30 21:08Actually plotting (estimated) gender data. What a job!eamoncaddigan3+1467-1
2015-07-30 19:35Artist info (including nationality and estimated gender) is collected and written in a SQLite DB. I've also thrown the artworks table in there. Movin' up.eamoncaddigan2+37-8
2015-07-30 18:34Got all the genders I'm gonna get for now. 2300+ NAs, but hopefully dups will cear up some.eamoncaddigan3+4752-3457
2015-07-30 18:27Almost all the names genderized.eamoncaddigan1+4385-1141
2015-07-30 16:50.eamoncaddigan1+41-17
2015-07-30 16:50Think the genderizing code is working. I might pay for a month of access to run everybody else in one go. :)eamoncaddigan2+1503-532
2015-07-30 15:41The package genderizeR doesn't (seem to) have an OS license, so I rewrote the code that was similar to what was there.eamoncaddigan1+26-10
2015-07-30 03:44Good progress on grabbing genders!eamoncaddigan4+6149-4364
2015-07-30 02:17Just renaming this to reflect its actual (future) use.eamoncaddigan1+0-0
2015-07-30 02:09Spent all that effort dealing with language stuff, but it wasn't really necessary.eamoncaddigan6+828-687
2015-07-29 21:31Getting ready to start collecting gender distributions. countries.json gives the languages supported in the API.eamoncaddigan5+4431-13
2015-07-29 20:10Okay, I can make a fairly dece DF that had country name, adjectival, and language code.eamoncaddigan5+90-34
2015-07-29 18:38Oh man did this experience mission creep. So now I'm figuring out the mapping between countries (e.g., England), adjectivals (e.g., English), spoken laguages, and the ISO-639-1 codes.eamoncaddigan4+718-0
2015-07-29 14:24Fixed spelling errors. ALSO got rid of the plot notches. Hadley suggested missing values and that was it.eamoncaddigan1+6-4
2015-07-29 02:34Still buggy.eamoncaddigan1+19-10
2015-07-28 19:10Plots the cummulative number of works from each of several departments.eamoncaddigan1+37-0
2015-07-28 18:32n00b disclaimereamoncaddigan1+7-1
2015-07-28 17:53Thought I'd add a quick note to the README to clarify that this is a forky fork.eamoncaddigan1+6-2
2015-07-28 17:50Added comments.eamoncaddigan1+6-0
2015-07-28 17:47Plotting the work's age vs. its year of acquisition.eamon.caddigan@gmail.com1+26-0
2015-07-23 16:12Update README.mdmomadm1+1-1
2015-07-23 15:29Update README.mdmomadm1+1-1
2015-07-23 12:27Adding a BOM for Excel.John halderman1+137382-65500
2015-07-14 16:01Update README.mdmomadm1+1-1
2015-07-14 14:44Update README.mdmomadm1+1-1
2015-07-14 14:02Adding Artworks csv fileBrunstein1+65500-0
2015-07-14 13:54Update README.mdmomadm1+33-2
2015-07-09 21:52Initial commitmomadm2+119-0