My attempts to work through the 2021 Advent of Code problems.
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2022-01-05 13:55Updating README at the end of the projectEamon Caddigan1+10-12
2022-01-05 02:37Merge branch 'day25' into mainEamon Caddigan1+123-0
2022-01-05 02:36Merge branch 'day24' into mainEamon Caddigan2+201-0
2022-01-05 02:33Solution to day 24, part 2Eamon Caddigan2+50-252
2021-12-25 22:50Solution to day 24, part 1Eamon Caddigan2+403-0
2021-12-27 17:47Solution to day 23, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+398-0
2021-12-25 13:51Solution to day 23, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+343-0
2021-12-25 18:30Solution to day 25, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+123-0
2021-12-23 00:39Solution to day 22, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+178-0
2021-12-22 20:42Solution to day 22, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+100-0
2021-12-22 13:28Solution to day 21, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+188-0
2021-12-21 17:38Solution to day 21, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+77-0
2021-12-20 18:18Solution to day 20, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+24-0
2021-12-20 14:22Solution to day 20, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+105-0
2021-12-20 01:38Solution to day 19, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+37-0
2021-12-19 19:38Solution to day 19, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+332-0
2021-12-19 01:42Solution to day 18, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+37-0
2021-12-18 15:24Solution to day 18, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+195-0
2021-12-17 17:52Solution for day 17Eamon Caddigan1+98-0
2021-12-16 21:26Executable modeEamon Caddigan1+0-0
2021-12-16 21:10Solution to day 2, part 2Eamon Caddigan2+79-1
2021-12-16 20:23Solution to day 16, part 1Eamon Caddigan2+115-0
2021-12-15 23:40New grid_to_distance_matrix is almost 17x fasterEamon Caddigan1+25-41
2021-12-15 21:09Solution to day 15, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+47-0
2021-12-15 19:35Solution to day 15, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+111-0
2021-12-15 15:54Moving function to `utils` now that I need it againEamon Caddigan3+9-10
2021-12-14 22:49Improved insertion logic and passing type checksEamon Caddigan1+22-25
2021-12-14 19:38Solution to day 14, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+28-0
2021-12-14 19:30Solution to day 14, part 1 (still need to figure out type hints/pandas)Eamon Caddigan1+134-0
2021-12-14 13:31Added a word count helper so that I can get quick stats on the puzzle inputEamon Caddigan1+8-1
2021-12-13 21:30Solution to day 13, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+45-0
2021-12-13 21:28Executable modeEamon Caddigan1+0-0
2021-12-13 19:00Solution to day 13, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+108-0
2021-12-13 01:54Solution to day 12, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+87-0
2021-12-12 22:18Solution to day 12, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+128-0
2021-12-11 10:50fixed typoEamon Caddigan1+1-1
2021-12-11 10:49README updateEamon Caddigan1+9-8
2021-12-11 10:42Solution to day 11, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+50-0
2021-12-11 10:19Solution to day 11, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+107-0
2021-12-11 01:38packages installed for type hintsEamon Caddigan1+2-0
2021-12-10 16:39Added type hints!Eamon Caddigan3+24-20
2021-12-10 16:00Soution to day 10, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+69-0
2021-12-10 13:33Soution to day 10, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+66-0
2021-12-09 19:05Solution to day 9, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+65-0
2021-12-09 15:50Solution to day 9, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+51-0
2021-12-09 01:38Forgot to update this part of the commentEamon Caddigan1+1-10
2021-12-09 01:31Solution to day 8, part 2, plus fixed a mistake in my commentsEamon Caddigan3+146-2
2021-12-08 19:34(Finally implemented a) solution to day 8, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+74-1
2021-12-08 16:12Just comments, prepared to solve the puzzle soonEamon Caddigan1+46-0
2021-12-07 22:32Clarifying the comments a bitEamon Caddigan1+12-10
2021-12-07 20:22Solution to day 7, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+56-0
2021-12-07 18:46Adding scipy, removing automatically-completed dependenciesEamon Caddigan1+1-19
2021-12-07 18:25I feel like I owe folks an explanation of why this solution is correctEamon Caddigan1+16-1
2021-12-07 18:08Solution to day 7, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+28-0
2021-12-07 13:56I need to start moving more generally useful stuff to `utils`Eamon Caddigan3+13-14
2021-12-06 17:07More exposition in the READMEEamon Caddigan1+11-2
2021-12-06 16:40Solution to day 6, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+35-0
2021-12-06 16:26Solution to day 6, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+84-0
2021-12-06 00:48Solution to day 5, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+71-0
2021-12-05 19:58Solution to day 5, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+98-0
2021-12-05 02:30Merge branch 'main' of into mainEamon Caddigan0+0-0
2021-12-05 02:28Solution to day 4, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+40-0
2021-12-05 01:29Solution to day 4, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+146-0
2021-12-05 01:29Solution to day 4, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+146-0
2021-12-03 21:05Forgot to update the timing info (it's slow, folks)Eamon Caddigan1+1-1
2021-12-03 20:48Solution to day 3, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+67-0
2021-12-03 16:40Solution to day 3, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+78-0
2021-12-03 01:00Tried a simpler (pandas-free) implementation and it's much fasterEamon Caddigan3+51-6
2021-12-02 19:13Adding an editorializing commentEamon Caddigan1+8-0
2021-12-02 19:09Solution to day 2, part 2Eamon Caddigan1+69-0
2021-12-02 17:06Solution to day 2, part 1Eamon Caddigan1+72-0
2021-12-02 00:14Comment editEamon Caddigan1+1-1
2021-12-02 00:04Cleaning things up and making them more functionalEamon Caddigan2+22-22
2021-12-02 00:03Adding a (not implemented) argument to `get_puzzle_input` in case future puzzles need binary dataEamon Caddigan1+5-2
2021-12-01 10:36A bit of self-deprecationEamon Caddigan1+10-3
2021-12-01 10:29My solution to part 2Eamon Caddigan1+31-0
2021-12-01 09:51My solution to day 1, part 1Eamon Caddigan2+43-3
2021-12-01 09:50Requirements so far (heavy because I'm leaning into pandas/numpy)Eamon Caddigan1+23-0
2021-12-01 09:50I'm using Vim, folksEamon Caddigan1+4-0
2021-12-01 09:13Utility function to download puzzle dataEamon Caddigan1+22-0
2021-12-01 08:02Update README.mdEamon Caddigan1+6-2
2021-12-01 07:55Initial commitEamon Caddigan3+805-0