My attempts to work through the 2021 Advent of Code problems.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -4,18 +4,19 @@ problems]( A democratic process determined that [I would be solving these problems in Python](, and that -[I'd be using a terminal plus a text +[I'd be using a terminal and text editor]( to do so (as opposed to, for example, Jupyter notebooks). I've been a `vim` user for a -long time but I'm using this opportunity get practice `tmux` (I'm coming from -`screen`). +long time but I'm taking this opportunity to update my terminal multiplexer to +`tmux` after man years of using `screen`. Since I'm a data scientist by trade, I'm focusing on getting more comfortable -with `pandas` and `numpy`, so most of my approaches (so far) involve figuring -out how I can solve the problem by munging tabular data. (I haven't started -yet, but I should also start plotting some of the responses so that I can get -used to `seaborn` and `matplotlib`). This means fewer custom data structures, -and more functional-style code. +with `pandas` and `numpy` (after years of `R` and _tidyverse_), so most of my +approaches (so far) involve figuring out how I can solve a given problem by +munging tabular data or applying matrix operations. (I haven't started yet, but +I should also be plotting some of the solutions so that I can practice with +`seaborn` and `matplotlib`.) This means fewer custom data structures, and more +functional-style code. I've placed this repository under the GPLv3, but I am happy to make things available under more permissive licenses on an ad hoc basis (in the very