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Author: Eamon Caddigan <eamon.caddigan@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu, 14 Dec 2023 21:03:18 -0800

December Adventure, day 14

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diff --git a/content/december-adventure/2023-14/index.md b/content/december-adventure/2023-14/index.md @@ -0,0 +1,20 @@ +--- +title: "2023, Day 14" +date: 2023-12-14T20:51:06-08:00 +draft: false +--- + +I only had a bit of downtime before bed, but I did two things tonight: + +First, since there are no links to my December Adventure log elsewhere on my +page, I published [a short post]({{< ref "/posts/december-adventure/index.md" +>}}) pointing back here. + +Second, I took the first steps toward playing with varvara's audio device. This +is actually something I've been pretty stoked to do. I did two semesters in +undergrad (a seminar-style course and an independent study) studying electronic +music synthesis, and even briefly considered pursuing it in grad school. That +didn't happen, but I'm stoked to be plaing with ADSRs and sampling again. I +didn't write much original code---mostly cribbing from [compudanzas' tutorial +again](https://compudanzas.net/uxn_tutorial_day_7.html#the%20audio%20device)---but +it's fun to get started on this! +\ No newline at end of file