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Author: Eamon Caddigan <eamon.caddigan@gmail.com>
Date:   Sun, 31 Dec 2023 15:27:20 -0800

December Adventure, day 31

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diff --git a/content/december-adventure/2023-31/index.md b/content/december-adventure/2023-31/index.md @@ -0,0 +1,40 @@ +--- +title: "2023: Complete" +date: 2023-12-31T15:05:58-08:00 +draft: false +--- + +With [this +commit](https://git.eamoncaddigan.net/december_adventure_2023/commit/4fc1a239d168cb8f585d5b3f8f0e0f0dcb2cf755.html), +I'm officially declaring my first December Adventure complete! + +One can assemble and run `december-adventure.tal` to receive a nice little +message in both text and Morse Code. + +![A screenshot of pixelated white text on a black screen displaying: Happy +New Year](happy-new-year.png) + +It may not be much, but looking back over the month, I managed to: + +* Get comfortable using Left (I'm writing this post in it right now) +* Figure out how to print text to the screen (and work with sprites in general) +* Think deeply about how to digitally encode Morse Code +* Muddle through undocumented changes to uxn's audio device and use its new + features +* Learn how Farnsworth timing works and how to implement it +* Overall, get better at and more comfortable writing uxntal +* Write a _bunch_ of blog posts + +I still have a long way to go to complete this project---heck, there's plenty of +room for improvement just in what I have right now---but this has been a really +fun experience. I plan to keep hacking on this (using the same repository), but +I'll probably stop posting updates here and on Mastodon. + +"December Adventure" was a great excuse to turn an idea for a project into an +idea plus a little bit of code. + +I'm grateful to [Eli](https://eli.li/) for sharing this idea, both +[Devine](https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/devine_lu_linvega.html) and [Bad +Diode](https://badd10de.dev/) for uxn help, and everyone else posting to the +#DecemberAdventure hashtag on the Fediverse for providing encouragement (both +direct and indirect) to keep going.