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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,4 +1,33 @@ # hugo-theme-readable -Hugo theme built using readable.css from Freedom to Write - -\ No newline at end of file +Readable is a theme for the static-site generator [Hugo]( using the [readable.css]( framework built by [Freedom to Write]( + +Shoutout to [Benjamin Hollon]( for his amazing work building this CSS framework and making it so simple to use. + +Want to check out a demo? (coming soon) + +![demo image](/docs/demo_image.png) + +## Installation + +To add this theme to an existing Hugo site, start by adding this repo as a submodule in the site's themes folder. + +`git submodule add themes/readable` + +Then, update your config file to be using the new theme. For example, if you are using config.toml, the line should become: + +`theme = 'readable'` + +If you don't have an existing site, feel free to use the provided [starter template]( to quickly get your website online. + +For more information on starting a Hugo website and using custom themes, refer to the [Hugo documentation]( + +## Usage + +Freedom to Write has provided some awesome guides on writing HTML that works automatically with the formatting of Readable. For a complete HTML page guide on writing custom pages, see [Overall Structure]( For some neat tips that may make life easier working with this style sheet, read [Quick Tips]( + +## Notes + +- Benjamin loves when new sites and projects pop up using the readable.css framework! + - If you've built a complete site using this theme, submit an issue to the [original repo]( with the URL of your site to be featured in the project's README. + - Projects like this and other non-website uses of the framework, such as adapting it to other static site generators, can be featured on the page[Unofficial Related Projects (that are awesome)]( Go mention to be featured there! +\ No newline at end of file diff --git a/docs/demo_image.png b/docs/demo_image.png Binary files differ.