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docs: add with a section on how to add a fork as a remote (#11)

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diff --git a/docs/ b/docs/ @@ -0,0 +1,29 @@ +# Developing hugo-theme-readable + +## Adding your fork as an additional Git remote to a hugo-theme-readable Git submodule + +The easiest way to test your changes is with an existing Hugo website that already uses this theme. You can use your own or checkout the [starter template]( + +The following steps show you how to add your fork as an additional Git remote to the checked out Git submodule. + +This way you can work with the hugo-theme-readable code directly, rather than experimenting in your own 'layouts' directory and copying code pieces around. + +```bash +# If you haven't done so: init and update the submodule. This will populate themes/readable. +git submodule init +git submodule update + +cd themes/readable/ + +# Add your fork as the remote 'fork'. +git remote add fork<your-username>/hugo-theme-readable.git + +# Create a new branch. +git checkout -b my-change + +# Make your changes directly to files in themes/readable. + +# Anytime you want to push, replace the default 'origin' with 'fork', e.g. +# push your work on 'my-change' as a new branch to your fork. +git push -u fork my-change +```