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      1 # Hugo Readable Template
      3 To use this template, simply clone this site, update the config files, and follow the Hugo documentation for making new posts and deploying!
      5 # Steps to Deploy
      7 1. Duplicate the repo. Few options here: use Github's "use template" button, download zip file and use that, or just fork the repo.
      8 2. Make sure you have Hugo installed.
      9 3. Run `git submodule update --init` to download the theme.
     10 4. Update `config/_default/config.yml` and `params.yml` to your blogs info.
     11 5. Put whatever you want in index.html.
     12 6. Write your first blog post, and delete the default ones in `/content/posts/*`.
     13 7. Deploy your site to the static host of your choice.