December Adventure (2023)
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      1 # December Adventure 2023
      3 This is the repository for my December Adventure. Read about it here:
      4 <>
      6 I'm hoping to eventually write a game for uxn to help me learn Morse Code,
      7 but mostly I'm hoping to have fun and "pay homage to all the great
      8 practitioners of computer, past and present, who have added beauty to the
      9 world."
     11 At the end of the month (with commit `89fef55`) I completed
     12 `december-adventure.tal`, which prints a message on the screen and plays a
     13 Morse Code version through audio. I had to learn a lot about uxn and varvara
     14 to get here, so I'm pretty happy about it!
     16 I'll probably continue working on my project in this repository. Why not?