Code used to generate some blog posts.
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      1 Code for generating blog posts for
      3 I authored several blog posts directly in Markdown, but some were created using
      4 RMarkdown and subsequently "knit" to plain Markdown. This repo is home to those
      5 files.
      7 Note that I've changed blog platforms a few times, so only posts made in 2022
      8 (and potentially later, TBD) are guaranteed to knit into the format available
      9 online. Also, I have not taken steps to protect against the typical issues with
     10 re-running old analysis code (dependencies disappearing or breaking, etc.).
     12 All code here is available under the GPLv3 (see the file LICENSE for details).
     13 I would be happy to consider offering anything under a different license,
     14 contact me with questions (see