Reanalyses of data from Horne, Powell, Hummel & Holyoak (2015)
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diff --git a/antivax-attitudes.Rmd b/antivax-attitudes.Rmd @@ -408,3 +408,7 @@ A defining characteristic of Bayesian analyses is that prior information about t ## Conclusions Concerns about a possible link between childhood vaccination and autism is causing some parents to skip childhood vaccinations, which is dangerous ([Calandrillo, 2004]( However, an intervention that exposes people to the consequences of the diseases that vaccinations prevent makes them respond more favorably toward childhood vaccination. A separate group of participants did not change their attitudes after being shown information discrediting the vaccination-autism link, nor did a group of control participants. + +### Acknowledgements + +[Zach Horne]( made the data available for analysis (by anyone!), and gave useful feedback on an earlier version of this write-up. Much of the code for Bayesian estimation was cobbled together from programs distributed with Doing Bayesian Data Analysis (2nd ed) by [John K. Kruschke]( +\ No newline at end of file