An R package for using the API to guess the gender of names.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,3 +3,25 @@ Here's an R package for using the []( API to guess the gender of a name. There's already a really good [genderizeR]( package out there, but it was missing the features I wanted. To use it, call `guessGender` with a character vector of (first) names. You can optionally pass (one of) a language code or country code to fine-tine results. If you've paid for an API key through [](, you can pass that too. + +## Example + +Use the devtools package to install GenderGuesser + +```r +library("devtools") +install_github("eamoncaddigan/GenderGuesser") +``` + +Calling `guessGender` with one or more names returns a data.frame. + +```r +library("GenderGuesser") +guessGender(c("Liam", "Natalie", "Eamon")) +#> name gender country_id language_id probability count +#>1 Liam male NA NA 0.99 623 +#>2 Natalie female NA NA 1.00 2033 +#>3 Eamon male NA NA 1.00 63 +``` + +"Eamon is an uncommon name, but only boys seem to have it. :)