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      1 <p><a href="/policies/privacy/">Privacy Policy</a> | <a href="/policies/cookies/">Cookie Policy</a> | <a href="/policies/terms/">Terms of Use</a></p> <!-- We like putting links in a paragraph separated by pipe ("|") characters -->
      2 <p>© 2023 {{ $ }}</p> <!-- While not legally required, it's nice to put copyright and/or license info here. Also, it looks nice to break up the links with a line of text -->
      3 <a href={{ $.Site.Params.Mastodon }} rel="me" target="blank">Mastodon</a> | <a href="/contact/">Contact Me</a> | <a href="/posts/index.xml">RSS Feed</a></p> <!-- This is the kind of thing people look for in footers: contact info and legal info. Make sure you include both! -->